Week 1: Basic ShapeS

Exercise: Planes

To complete this assignment, you will draw planes in perspective as they get closer to, and farther away, from your line of sight and your eye level. As you work on this exercise remember the table and book experiments that you did earlier in the lesson.


Subject matter: Print out the following document.

  • Exercise 3: Draw the missing planes with their appropriate pitches above and below the eye level (horizon line), and then to the left and right of the line of sight. Do NOT draw vertical or horizontal lines to connect the planes to each other—only draw in the missing planes.

Size: 8 1/2"x11"

Media: Pencil


Post completed drawings by Thursday at 11:59 PM: Scan in and submit your drawings to the discussion board.

Provide feedback by Friday at 11:59 PM: Provide feedback to other members of the class. I will be providing feedback, but I’d like you to offer feedack also. In your feedback answer the following questions:

  • Were the appropriate planes matched correctly?
  • Did the pitches have smooth transitions?


In I-Learn, go to Week 1 — Basic Geometric Shapes I and click on Week 1 Exercises. Create a post and submit your completed plane document there.

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