Week 1: Basic ShapeS

Basic Perspective: Diminution

To create the illusion of three dimensions (volume), representational proportions, and depth, it is critical to understand that shape always appear smaller the farther away they are. The term used to describe this principle is called diminution.


Diminution: The cars, drivers, and crowd appear to be smaller in the distance.

Diminution: The horses, flags, and riders appear to be smaller in the distance.

Diminution: Linear perspective principles can be used to make a two dimensional surface, like canvas or paper, appear to have depth (artwork above by Gian Paolo Panini).

Girl Running in PerspectiveDiminution: The track in this stop-motion photo shows diminution. Though the little girl is running forward, her size/scale appears smaller in the distance.

Diminution: Shown in similar-sized trees.