How To

How to submit drawings
to the class discussion board

  • 1. Find a scanner that can scan a 9"x12" drawing
  • 2. Scan your object in as a color document with a resolution of 100dpi (dots per inch).
  • 3. Save your scan as a JPG — high quality.
  • 4. Go to the class-wide discussion board and attach the JPG of your drawing to a post.

If you are having problems posting, please call the computer helpdesk at 496-9000 or 1-866-237-5195 (toll free).

Scaling a Format and its Ratio

A format and its ratio may be enlarged or made smaller than an original rectangle by projecting a 90 degree corner along a diagonal from the lower left of the format through the upper right. This is extremely useful when enlarging a thumbnail or compositional sketch to a larger format to create finished art.


Projecting a 90 degree corner from bottom left to top right, keeps the format the same when enlarging or reducing an image.