Week 1: Basic ShapeS

Basic Perspective: Center Line

The center line is an implied line that falls within the exact center of any cylinder. It always goes to a vanishing point.

Note: In the event of a vertical cylinder, the center line is always perfectly vertical, i.e. parallel to the vertical edges of the format. When the object is not vertical, the center line will converge to a vanishing point, as shown below. In 3 point perspective, the center lines of objects are not vertical.

Center Line: The center lines are shown for a 1 point and 2 point cylinder.

blue tank1blue tank
Center Line: The left canister is in 1 point perspective. The center lines of angled tanks of the canisters on the right are in 3 point perspective.

Center Line: The axle between the wheels can be thought of as the center line.

candleCenter Line: The center line can be thought of as the wick of a candle.