Week 1: Basic ShapeS

Exercise: Cylinders

You will be drawing cylinders in perspective, as they get closer to and farther away from your line of sight and above or below your eye level. You will be estimating the foreshortened pitch of the ellipses on the cylinders.


Subject matter: Cylinders

  • Exercise 9: Using one sheet of paper, draw at least nine vertical cylinders with various heights. 

  • Exercise 10: Using one sheet of paper, draw at least nine horizontal cylinders with various widths.

  • Note: The only time the pitches of the ellipses will be identical is when the cylinder is divided exactly in half by either the eye level or line of sight. All other pitches will vary from top to bottom and left to right in each cylinder.

Size: 9"x12". Remember, 96dpi .jpeg.

Media: graphite


Post completed drawings by Monday at 11:59 PM: Scan in and submit your drawings to the discussion board.

Provide feedback by Tuesday at 11:59 PM:

Provide feedback to other members of the class. I will be providing feedback, but I’d like you to offer feedback also. In your feedback answer the following questions:

  • Are the drawings in proportion?
  • Are the pitches correct?


In I-Learn, go to Week 1 — Basic Geometric Shapes and click on Week 1 Exercises. Create a post and submit your completed drawings there.

Help Desk

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